Is There an Author in the Locker?: The difficulty of ‘self’ in relation to art (2008)
An attempt to suggest a more complex relation between art and audience than that promoted with much participatory art.
Well, Speak of the Devil!: Art World Spectacle from Dubai to Dublin (2007)
The subject is globalization with commerce and attention in the artworld drifting eastwards, by-passing small countries on the western periphery of Europe.
Art Criticism and Obsolescence (2002)
Sets out to identify the problems confronting art criticism with reference to the periodical, ‘October,’ (unpublished).
Every Now and Then: Reflections on national identity (2000)
An exhibition catalogue essay for an exhibition of Irish art held in Zagreb.
Speaking of Gender …: Expressionism, feminism and sexuality (1990)
An exhibition catalogue essay which advances a perspective on gender issues in Irish art during the eighties.
Regionalism Reconsidered (1990)
Looks at locality as subject in art and government policy on de-centralization.
Locating the Context: Art and Politics in the Eighties (1990)
An exhibition catalogue essay which attempts to address the issue of art and politics in Irish art in the eighties.
So Different and Yet: Language and Theatre in the work of James Coleman (1984)
An interpretation of the artist’s work at mid-career.
Art and Independence: An aspect of Twentieth Century Irish Art (1984)
On stereotypes of Ireland in visual art and the need to look forward rather than backwards.